Friday, January 1, 2010


Let it be said that I ate so much junk the last two days that I am hurting of a massive stomach ache. Who knows? Maybe this will help with the weight loss. A nice natural cleanse.

Since last we spoke I have made a bet with my brother. He and I are competing to lose the biggest % of weight from January 1st to the middle of July. The loser has to volunteer to run and organize my mother's family reunion in 2011. The ultimate motivation? Not really...but if you don't run that thing right you are second guessed for years to come!!

I will win this bet. It actually gives me something to work towards, and takes my mind off of working and taking care of the boys. Time to look out for myself. I've been accused of ONLY doing that before, but looking in the mirror tells me that I have NEVER looked out for myself.

2010 MUST EQUAL 1998!!!


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  1. Happy New Year Steve, I know you can do it this year!!!!!!
    You did it before!!!!!We are all cheering for you, one day at a time, and before you know it your hard work will pay off.
    I learned taking care of myself, makes it easier for me to care of everyone else.YOU CAN DO IT IN 2010!!!!!!! Kelly